AWS: Validate your Cost and Usage Report

When connecting to your AWS Management/Payer Account, CloudZero will attempt to connect to an existing Cost and Usage Report, if it is in the correct format and granularity for us to ingest.

If there is not an existing Cost and Usage Report that is suitable, the Automated path will try to create one, or the Manual path will provide instructions on how to create one.

For a Cost and Usage Report to be valid for CloudZero, it must have the following settings:

Required Settings:
• Time Granularity: Hourly
• Report Versioning: Create New Report Version
• Compression: GZIP
• Include Resource IDs: ON
• Data Refresh Settings: AUTOMATIC

Recommended Settings:
• S3 bucket name: <your-company-name>-billing (recommended name)
• Report path prefix: hourly-billing (recommended name)


Creating a new Cost and Usage Report

If you create a new cost & usage report, it can take up to 24 hours before AWS releases billing data to the new report.

Additional information on configuring AWS Cost and Usage Reporting can be found here: