Upgradable EBS Volumes

Details about Automated Insights showing when potentially upgradable EBS volumes are found.

Upgradable EBS Volumes

This insight identifies older types of EBS Volumes. These instances can usually be upgraded to the latest volume type, gp3. Upgraded volumes are typically more efficient and result in an average cost savings of 15%.

Source: CloudZero

The information for this insight is based on spend data in the CloudZero platform.


This insight is checked once per day. If the insight is marked as Ignored it will still get updated, but notifications will no longer be sent for any updates.


This insight is created if the total cost impact exceeds $500 in real cost. We estimate that 80% of older volumes types can be upgraded. Given an average cost savings of 15%, we will create an insight if greater than $4,166 spend is found for older volume types. When the total cost impact for this insight is reduced below $500, the insight will automatically be closed.