Connecting to New Relic

Connections are how CloudZero manages the various Cost Sources that bring Billing, Resource, and other types of data into the platform.

How the New Relic Connection Works

The CloudZero New Relic connection leverages the New Relic Query Language to pull your New Relic consumption data and combine it with New Relic rate information provided by you to calculate your New Relic spend. The connection will pull as many accounts as the New Relic API key has access to query. To pull all New Relic consumption data you will need to provide an API key associated with your New Relic parent account.

Create a New Relic connection

Open the Connections page

This can be found by selecting the gear icon from the sidebar and selecting Connections, or alternatively going to
CloudZero Connections

Navigate to the New Relic Connection Creation page

Select the Add New Connection button. Then select the New Relic tile.
New Relic Connection Tile


Note: How to find information about your New Relic account

Some of the following metadata can be found in the Administration > Plan & Usage > Plan summary page of the New Relic app
New Relic Plan & Usage Menu

Connection Metadata

  • Connection Name: A connection name that will appear in the CloudZero UI
  • Billing Account ID: Your New Relic parent account ID
    New Relic UI Billing Account ID
  • New Relic Account Region: the region your New Relic account uses (US or EU)
    New Relic UI Account Region
  • API Key: a New Relic User API Key
    To create this key navigate to the Administration > API Keys page
    New Relic UI API Key Menu
    Hit the Create a key button and proceed to create a User API key
    New Relic UI Create API Key


Note: API Key Account Access

The connection will pull data for all accounts available to the API key. If you would like to include data from all accounts please use an API key associated with your New Relic parent account.

Rate Information


Note: How to find New Relic rate information

Your rate information can be found in the Administration > Plan & Usage > Plan summary page of the New Relic app

  • Subscription Term Start Date: The date you signed your contract with New Relic
  • Data: The price you pay per GB of data ingested into New Relic
    New Relic UI Data Ingest Rate
  • Basic Users: The price you pay per Basic User (likely $0)
  • Core Users: The price you pay per Core User
    New Relic UI Core User Rate
  • Full Platform Users: The price you pay per Full Platform User
    New Relic UI Full Platform User Rate
  • Additional Synthetic Checks: The price you pay per Synthetic Check
    New Relic UI Synthetic Check Rate


Note: Tiered Pricing

Some New Relic pricing agreements can include rates that change depending on usage. If the amount you pay for Data, Basic Users, Core Users, Full Platform Users, or Additional Synthetic Checks changes based on your usage, please click the Add Tier button for the relevant fields and provide that information. Do not account for free usage with tiers. (e.g. first 100 GB per month is free)


Note: Recent Contract Changes

If your agreement with New Relic recently changed and you'd like to properly calculate old consumption data with your old agreement, please contact your CloudZero support representative.

Save the Connection

Select the Save button. You will be redirected back to the Connection Details page in the CloudZero platform, where you should see your newly created New Relic connection.

New Relic Connection Notes

Billing Period Ingest Windows

  • Newly Created Connection: CloudZero will ingest the most recent 12 months worth of billing periods if available.
  • Re-enabled Connection: CloudZero will attempt to ingest up to 24 months of billing periods starting from the current billing period and going back to the most recent billing period ingested.
  • Steady State: CloudZero will ingest the current billing period and sometimes the previous billing period.