Disk Snapshots Exceeds Target Threshold

Details about Automated Insights showing high spend on GCP Cloud Engine disk snapshots.

Disk Snapshots Exceeds Target Threshold

This insight identifies when the cost of GCP Cloud Engine disk snapshots exceeds 5% of the total Compute Engine disk storage costs.

This may indicate that there are an excessive number of snapshots. Consider the following to reduce cost of the snapshots:

  • Reducing the frequency of scheduled snapshots to weekly if the workload allows
  • Deleting snapshot schedules for workloads that no longer require it
  • Shorten the retention policy for auto generated snapshots
    • Note: If you don't set a retention policy, all your auto-generated snapshots will be retained indefinitely. You will incur storage costs for these snapshots until you delete them manually.
  • Update the Source disk deletion policy to ensure snapshots from deleted disks are removed
  • Switching the location of snapshots to Regional instead of Multi-Regional when high availability is not necessary
  • Removing snapshots older than 90 days

The 90 day cost graph shows the daily total spend for all GCP Cloud Engine disk snapshots and highlights the top 5 resources with the highest spend to evaluate.

Source: CloudZero

The information for this insight is based on spend data in the CloudZero platform.


This insight is checked once per day. If the insight is marked as Ignored it will still get updated, but notifications will no longer be sent for any updates.


This insight is created if the total real cost spend on GCP disk snapshots exceeds 5% of the total real cost for all Compute Engine disk storage and is at least $500. When the total spend for disk snapshots exceeds 5%, the insight will automatically be closed.