A key value of the CloudZero platform is our ability to maintain a powerful normalized data model of your AWS infrastructure, create predictive models of its future behavior and send you notifications when we believe something needs your attention.



Notifications are part of our Essentials Package.

Where will notification be sent?

Notifications will be sent to two primary channels: email and slack. Receiving notifications on slack requires that you have setup slack integration. (see Enabling Slack Integration).

What notifications will be sent?

The CloudZero app has three types of notifications:

  • Weekly Updates: Get your cost update every Monday for the last 7 days, showing you the biggest changes week over week.
  • Monthly Updates: Get your cost update at the end of the month, showing you the biggest changes month over month.
  • Anomaly Alerts: Get alerted when the CloudZero app has detected new spending in your AWS environment that looks anomalous. We'll even provide granular details of what services and accounts seem to be responsible.