User Management

CloudZero allows anyone you want in your organization access to the AWS billing data you want them to see. A user of CloudZero is considered part of your organization if their email matches the original email domain that the organization was setup with.


User Management

User management is part of our Essentials Package.


How to have new members join CloudZero

You can invite people to go to and create an account if you'd like them to have access to the CloudZero platform.

The CloudZero application has two roles that users can be:

  • Organizers - users with full access to all features and all data on the platform
  • Members - users who have access to only the base features (generally none of the administration features,) and can optionally be limited to what billing and resource data that they see.

Viewing your organization's users

You can go to the Users menu ( to see all the users in your organization as well as their role.


User listing page

The user listing page is only accessible to organizers.

On this page you can change a user's role or remove a user from the system.

Members and limiting data access

You can control which AWS accounts users have visibility into for billing data by placing users into groups on the app (

On this page you can create groups and put users into those groups.

By default a member has access to all accounts in your organization, using groups you can limit what account data a member sees.


Changing default access to billing data

As mentioned above, new users in your organization default to members with access to see all AWS accounts.

If you'd prefer to have new members default to having no access until an organizer grants them access (by putting them into a group,) you can log a ticket with CloudZero and we can change that setting in your organization for you.

Note: organizers can be added to a group, but they will never be limited to what accounts that they can see.