CloudZero observations of trends and recommendations for potential optimizations in your cloud cost

Insights delivers observations, optimization recommendations, and trend information, helping you to manage your cost optimization work.

Each Insight includes:

  • A Title and Description
  • A Status to indicate where the Insight sits in your workflow
  • An Effort Level to tell how much work it would be to fix the problem
  • A Category for easy filtering
  • A Cost Impact to highlight the $$ per month associated with the Insight
  • Optionally, a list of Affected Resources that help you narrow down the root cause of the problem

Insights provides familiar workflow and collaboration tools like Status, Effort, and Comments, enabling you and your team to stay actively engaged with your Cloud Cost.

Members and Administrators can access their organization’s Insights at


Exporting Insights

You can export all Insights and Affected Resources to their own CSV files.


The Insights Table is your prominent interaction.

Filtering and Sorting

First, you can easily filter and sort your Insights:


Quick Updates

You can also update the Status and Effort directly:


Insight Details Page

Clicking on any Insight will dive deeper into the Insight Details page, where you can:

  • Edit Status, Effort, and other top level metadata
  • Add Comments
  • View Affected Resources

Authoring Insights

You have 2 ways to author insights:

  1. Insights Page
  2. API

Authoring with the Insights Page

The Create Insight button above the Insights Table expands the Create Insights Flyout:


Authoring with the API

Alternatively, you can use the /v2/insights API directly via this documentation site.

Insights Sources

Manual Insights

Regularly we (with human eyes) evaluate your company's cloud spend and provide cost trend observations and recommendations for cost optimizations in your cloud environment. Most insights will link to the Explorer or a Report that will enable you to visually understand the insight's cost impact.

Automated Insights

The CloudZero platform will also automatically create Insights from observations across all of your Cloud Provider Accounts. For example, CloudZero will import and collate salient AWS Trusted Advisor recommendations, including the affected resources information, from across all of your Connected Accounts.