Engineering Events

CloudZero allows you to correlation activities in your engineering systems (think source control, CI/CD, configuration management, etc.) with your cloud costs.


Engineering Events

Engineering Events are part of our Essentials Package.

1. Getting an API key

First, go to and generate (or copy,) your API key to send the CloudZero system your events.

2. Integrating with the events API

Once you have an API key, you can have your engineering system send relevant events to the CloudZero system by using our Events Api.

Most people integrate their continuous integration system first. Pick a branch or repo with an active feature that has an impact on cost and set it up to send CloudZero events with any cloud deployment. In the future, if you see a cost anomaly or a cost decrease you'll be able to see the pattern of production deploys to look for correlations.


A note on the data shape of events

Only the title and source in the data event payload are required. Many customers find it useful to also add a link (an http string to the build,) and at least one of the filter values (you do not need to fill in all of the filter values, only whatever is easiest based on how you store and deploy your code.)

3. Viewing your events

Once you have sent at least one event to the CloudZero system, you can view your events on the CloudZero Explorer.

When looking at hourly granularities (in a 7 day or less view,) you'll see each event as a black line on the chart. Clicking on any of those lines will bring our the events slide-out on the right and allow you to view the details of that events.

When viewing granularities larger than hourly (like daily,) events will be aggregated up and shown as circles under the graph. Clicking on any of the circles will zoom in on the graph to that day.