Resource Details

Anytime you are grouping by resource on the CloudZero Explorer, you can click on an individual resource to go to the detail page for that AWS resource. This page allows you to quickly understand the high level properties and cost of a singular resource.


Resource details

Note that the majority of information for a resource will only be visible on this page if you have connected the AWS account it resides in.

Resource Details are part of our Essentials Package.

The information on this page is organized into several sections:

  • High level information: at the top of the page you can see the resource's ARN, account, when CloudZero last saw a property on that resource change and other information such as region it resides in.
  • Cost graph: Much like the Explorer, you can view cost information for this specific resource. Note that you can change the time span and group by options on the top right of this page.
  • Tags: tag information will be shown next, with all tag key/values displayed for this resource.
  • Additional Properties: The CloudZero app will scrape additional properties of this resource to help understand how it is currently provisioned at a glance.
  • Resource Relationships: If the CloudZero app has seen this relationship interact with other resources, they will be described here with links to those resources.
  • Resource Diff: If the CloudZero app has seen a property of this resource change, it will display the last change in properties at the bottom of the page.