Standard Storage Exceeds Target Threshold

Details about Automated Insights showing high spend on Standard Storage.

Standard Storage Exceeds Target Threshold

This insight looks at optimizing storage classes based on spend. Standard class is the default and most expensive storage tier ideally used for frequently accessed data. The threshold for Standard storage spend is 50%, additional spend over that can indicate that storage is not optimized. Moving data that is not frequently accessed to lower Storage classes can result in savings.

GCP has three other storage classes that should be considered for less frequently accessed data:

Nearline - Ideal for data you plan to read or modify on average once per month or less.
Note: Data can be continuously added but should only be accessed monthly

Coldline - Ideal for data you plan to read or modify at most once a quarter.

Archival - Ideal for data that you plan to access less than once a year such as archived data, disaster recovery data, etc

GCP also has Autoclass, a service that automatically transitions objects in your bucket to appropriate storage classes based on each object's access pattern. This is a great option for data that may have changing patterns.

Pricing costs for each storage class in each region can be found here.

Source: CloudZero

The information for this insight is based on spend data in the CloudZero platform.


This insight is checked once per day. If the insight is marked as Ignored it will still get updated, but notifications will no longer be sent for any updates.


This insight is created if the total real cost spend on Standard storage class exceeds 50% of the total real cost for all storage and is at least $500. When the total spend for storage in Standard class falls below 50%, the insight will automatically be closed.