Enabling Slack Integration

One of our goals in building the CloudZero application was to fit naturally into how engineering organizations work today. We know that no one likes to stare at a dashboard, never mind spend time making custom reports. That's why the CZ app is predicated on finding interesting things happening in your environment and pushing that information to you.

We call this functionality the Notifications Feature, and by default updates and alerts about your cloud spend will result in an email being sent to all Admin users in your organization. However, most groups find it more useful to push these notifications to Slack where they can have discussions around them or even script actions to them. To enable this functionality you'll have to integrate CloudZero with your Slack workspace.

Connecting CloudZero to your Slack workspace

Slack integration can be found on the App Integrations page.


In the App Integrations page, you can set, view or remove our integration with a slack channel of your choosing.


Selecting to "add to slack" will launch you into your Slack workspace where you can authorize adding the application to your Slack workspace.


Slack permissions

Depending on your organization’s configuration within Slack, you may be able to install CloudZero’s Slack app yourself or it may require a Slack administrator’s approval.

Selecting a Slack channel for notifications

Every organization has a 'Global View' that will report on all of the cloud spend across your entire organization. CloudZero administrators in your organization can change the Slack channel that those notifications are delivered to by editing the Global View.


Sending messages to a private Slack channel

If you'd like us to deliver notifications to a private slack channel, you must first invite the CloudZero app into that channel. Until you do that, we will not know about the existence of that channel and thus it will not show up as a possible channel to choose when editing a View.