Multi-Region Storage Exceeds Target Threshold

Details about Automated Insights showing high spend on Multi-Region bucket location.

Multi-Region Storage Exceeds Target Threshold

This insight looks at optimizing GCP Cloud Storage with Multi-Region bucket location by spend. By default, buckets are set to the Multi-Region which is the most expensive and the most redundant configuration option. The threshold for Multi-Region bucket location spend is 30%, additional spend over that can indicate that storage is not optimized.

GCP has two other bucket location types that should be considered based on data access patterns and redundancy needs:

Region - Optimized latency, bandwidth, and cross-zone redundancy.

  • Example workloads: Analytics, Backup and Archive.

Dual-Region - Optimized latency, bandwidth, and cross-region redundancy.

  • Example workloads: Analytics, Backup and Archive, Disaster Recovery.

Note: Region has the lowest data storage cost. Dual-Region has the highest base storage price but does not charge for outbound data transfer charges when reading data within either region, unlike Multi-Region.

Pricing costs for each bucket location in each region can be found here.

Note: Bucket location cannot be changed after creation, in order to change the location you can move your data to a bucket in a different location. Check GCP documentation for any costs that may be incurred from moving data between locations.

The 90-day cost graph shows the daily total spend for all GCP Cloud Storage resources with Multi-Region storage locations and highlights the top 5 resources with the highest spend to consider optimizing.

Source: CloudZero

The information for this insight is based on spend data in the CloudZero platform.


This insight is checked once per day. If the insight is marked as Ignored it will still get updated, but notifications will no longer be sent for any updates.


This insight is created if the total real cost spend on Multi-Region storage class exceeds 30% of the total real cost for all GCP Cloud Storage and is at least $500. When the total spend for Multi Region storage falls below 30%, the insight will automatically be closed.