User Groups

Introduction to User Groups

CloudZero's user groups give Organizers the ability to control user access to spend data through the creation and management of user groups. This new functionality allows administrators to create groups in the CloudZero console, assign access rules to each group, and then add users to the group that aligns precisely with the level of access or visibility they need in the platform.

User Group: A group of users with a specified level of access to spend data across CloudZero.

Data Access: A user group’s data access level determines the spend data the group’s users will see across CloudZero.

  • Filtered Data: provides a user group with limited access to spend data based on a dimensional filter
  • All Access: provides a user group with access to all of your spend data
  • No Access: provides a user group with no access to spend data within CloudZero

Default Group: All users are added to the default group when they first join an organization in CloudZero.. The default group will be set to provide _All Access. _You can adjust the data access level to control the experience of new users.

Capabilities Accessible by Different User Groups

Depending on the level of access granted to the group, users will have the following access and permissions as seen in the following table:

Limited Access All Access No Access
Explorer Spend data will be pre-filtered by the group’s access View all data No Access
Analytics Spend data in dashboards will be pre-filtered by the group’s access Full Access No Access
Legacy Dashboards No access Full Access No Access
Insights No Access Full Access No Access
Budgets No Access Full Access No Access
Dimensions Diagram No Access Full Access No Access
Home page No Access, redirected to the Explorer Full Access No Access
  • Organizers have full access
  • Viewers & Editors have no access
  • Organizers have full access
  • Viewers & Editors have no access
  • Organizers have full access
  • Viewers & Editors have no access

Understanding Your Active Group

All users will see an indicator of their active group in the navigation bar. The indicator shows the Group’s abbreviation, on hover the group’s name and description is displayed.

Creating a User Group

Organizers can create new user groups from the Settings section of CloudZero

  1. Click “Add User Group”
  2. Enter a Group Name
  3. Enter a description
  4. Select the desired level of data access
  5. Click “Save Group”.

Upon saving you will see a success message.

Creating a User Group from a View

To help you set up your user groups, CloudZero allows Organizers to create User Groups from Views. Each View will create a single User Group whose data access matches the dimensional filter of the View.

Note: To prevent accidental duplication, each view can only create a user group once. The views and groups are not connected, any updates to one will NOT update the other.

  1. Go to the “Views” page in settings
  2. Click on the “...” menu
  3. Select “Create Groups from Views”
  4. Select each View you want to create a group
  5. Click “Create Group”

When the action is complete, you will see a success message noting the number of groups that have been created. You can now manage these groups directly in the User Groups Settings page.

Setting Filtered Data Access

Filtered Data Access utilizes your CloudZero dimensions to create a filter that is applied to your spend data for all users in the specified user group. This provides users with a filtered view of spend data.

  1. When creating or editing a group, select the Access Level of “Filtered Data”.
  2. Click “Add Filter”
  3. Select the dimension you want to filter on
  4. Select the dimensional values. By default, the boolean operator is set to “Is”; however, you may toggle this to “Is Not”.
  5. You can continue to add additional dimensions by selecting “Add Another Filter”. This will effectively result in an “and” of the 2 filters where both conditions must be met.
  6. When finished building your filters, select “Apply”
  7. Click “Save Group”.

Upon saving, you will see a success message.

Note: Filters will take effect in 1 - 2 hours on average, but they may take up to 24 hours. While they are processing, you will see an hourglass indicator on the detail page and the User Groups listing page.

Adding Users to a Group

Once a user group has been created, you may begin adding users to the group.

  1. Select the user group that will have users added.
  2. Click “Add Users”
  3. Select the users you would like to add to the group.
  4. Click “Add to Group”.

After adding users, you will see a success message.

Deleting Groups

To delete a group you must first move all users to another group. Once a group has no users associated the delete button will be available when viewing a group’s detail page