Snowflake Data Shares

CloudZero offers a self-service feature to create and manage billing data views that can be easily shared with others via a Snowflake Data Share.



Currently, our service facilitates the sharing of Data Shares exclusively within the AWS us-east-1 region. If you require data availability outside of this region, you may replicate the Data Share from AWS us-east-1 to your desired region. For detailed instructions on how to set up this replication, please refer to this documentation

What is a Snowflake Data Share?

A Snowflake Data Share is a secure and convenient way to share data between Snowflake accounts. It's essentially a virtual database that contains one or more shared data views, which can be thought of as virtual database tables. This feature will allow you to manage your own views that become available to you by putting the view within a CloudZero managed Snowflake Data Share that is securely shared to selected Snowflake accounts.
Additional documentation can be found here

Benefits of Using a Snowflake Data Share

By using a Snowflake Data Share, you can:

  • Access all of your data in a secure and controlled manner
  • Leverage your own SQL and BI tools for deeper analysis and insights
  • Gain more value from the data collected by CloudZero

This feature allows you to take control of your data and perform advanced analysis with ease.

Snowflake View Management



Managing Snowflake Data Views are only available to Admins

Creating a New View

To create a new Snowflake View:

  1. Click on the settings icon on the top right of the page.
  2. Select Data Sharing under the navigation menu on the left.
  3. Click Add a Snowflake View on the top right.
  4. In Snowflake View Name, populate your desired name for the View.
  5. Select the desired dimensions that contain the data you would like to include in your Data Share.
  6. Select the time range you'd like your data to be restricted to. Keep in mind that the longer your time range, the slower your share may perform. Ensure you select only the time range that best meets your needs to have the most optimal experience.
  7. Select the granularity you'd like exposed within your Data Share
  8. Choose the Snowflake Account(s) where your View will be shared. The provided list is limited to Snowflake account(s) that have already been connected to the CloudZero platform.



After saving the view, please allow a moment for the system to create and share the Data Share.

Editing a View

  1. Select a View that you like to edit.
  2. Make the modifications you would like to the View.
  3. Click Save View

Once the View has been successfully modified, please allow some time for the changes to be propagated to your selected Snowflake account(s).



If you change the name of the View, then the original View will be removed from the Data Share.

Deleting a View

  1. Select a View that you like to delete.
  2. Click Delete

Once the View has been successfully delete, please allow some time for the deleted View to be propagated to your selected Snowflake account(s).



New dimensions will not be available until the next data materialization cycle.

Using the Data Sharing Feature

Connecting to the Shared View

Once you have created and shared your Data Share and a Snowflake View with the desired Snowflake accounts, follow the steps below to begin working with it.

  1. Access the appropriate Snowflake Account as an Account Admin and run SHOW SHARES; to display all of the available shares.
    For additional details around viewing shares here.
  2. Your share will be listed as an inbound share type with the following naming pattern: CLOUDZERO_<account_id>_<organization_id>.
  3. To create a Snowflake database from the provided share, use the following command: CREATE DATABASE <name> FROM SHARE <cloudzero_account>.<share_name>;

For additional details, refer to the Snowflake documentation.