CloudZero AnyCost

With CloudZero’s AnyCost framework, you can ingest cost data from any source, and automate the processing of that data. Using the tools we provide, you can write cost data from different vendors, on whatever schedule makes sense. Then, you can register a new Billing Connection that will automatically detect, ingest and integrate that data into the CloudZero platform.

Common Bill Format

CloudZero's Common Bill Format is a standard data model to ingest cost data from any source. It accommodates many types of cost data, including taxes, discounts, credits, etc.

Read more about the Common Bill Format.


To ingest any vendor's cost data, you will need to create an Adaptor. These Adaptors are code that will run in your own environments, translate a single vendor's cost data into the Common Bill Format, and write those files to an AWS S3 bucket on an automated schedule.

For example, if a vendor only makes cost data available once per day, you will likely only write new files to the S3 bucket once per day. However, some vendors have Billing/Cost APIs that provide cost data on a more frequent basis, and for those you may decide to write files to the S3 bucket every 8 hours or even hourly.

If you have five vendors whose cost data you want CloudZero to ingest, you will need to write Common Bill Format data five separate times, once per vendor.


Reference Adaptors

CloudZero has created several reference adaptors for common vendors that customers have asked for, and more will be developed over time.

The adaptors currently available:

Billing Connections

Once you have created your Adaptor and are writing cost data to an S3 bucket, you will then need to register that as a Billing Connection in the CloudZero UI. That Billing Connection will then begin to ingest your custom cost data.

Billing Connections report the health and status of the automated process and will let you know if there are issues with the Common Bill Format syntax or role permissions on the S3 bucket.

Getting Started

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