CloudZero’s Analytics is a powerful business intelligence capability that automates the delivery of cloud cost intelligence. Analytics makes it easier than ever for CloudZero customers to view, share, and act on their cost data.

Introduction to Analytics


A dashboard is essentially a collection of one or more saved queries, displayed as visualization or text tiles together on one page.

Custom Dashboard

A dashboard created and managed by a customer.

Private Dashboard

A dashboard that is only visible to the creator.

Public Dashboard

A dashboard that is visible to everyone in a customer organization.

Viewing Dashboards

In the new Analytics section you can see your organization’s public dashboards, private dashboards (Editors and Admins only) and your legacy dashboards.

Use the search box at the top of the page to quickly find the dashboard you are looking for.

Mark the dashboards most important to you as Favorites and filter by favorites to quickly find them.

Sort by any column and filter by a Dashboards Visibility.

Scheduling a Dashboard

Viewers, Editors, and Admins can schedule dashboards to be delivered via email.

  1. Open the dashboard you wish to schedule.

  2. Click the three dots at the top right of the dashboard to open the menu. Select “Schedule Delivery”.

  3. Fill out the options to schedule your recurring dashboard delivery on a regular basis.

Filtering a Dashboard

A dashboard's filters appear directly under the dashboard's title. Simply make selections within the available filters, reload the dashboard, and watch the data in the visualizations change.