RDS Snapshot Costs Are Higher Than Expected

Details about Automated Insights showing when RDS snapshot costs are higher than expected.

RDS Snapshot Costs Are Higher Than Expected

This insight identifies when the percentage of our RDS snapshots exceeds 10% of the total RDS costs. A typical organization's RDS snapshot costs will represent 1% to 5% of the total cost of the entire RDS service. When it exceeds that, it may indicate that there are an excessive number of snapshots. This may be due to missing or inadequate snapshot retention rules that leave large number of automatic snapshots around, as well as manual snapshots that are not managed by the snapshot retention rules. Think about tightening up snapshot retention rules and cleaning up any unnecessary snapshots in order to save money.

Source: CloudZero

The information for this insight is based on spend data in the CloudZero platform.


This insight is checked once per day. If the insight is marked as Ignored it will still get updated, but notifications will no longer be sent for any updates.


This insight is created if the total real cost spend for the identified snapshots exceeds 10% of the real cost for all of the RDS service and is at least $500. When the total spend for RDS snapshots falls below 10%, the insight will automatically be closed.