Cost Allocation Tagging Configuration

Tags are a powerful dimension that you can use to break your cost data down in CloudZero. They allow you to look at business relevant dimensions of your cost spending, but by default AWS does not include them in the billing data.

Follow these steps to include an AWS Tag in the billing data to allow it to be a dimension for filtering and grouping on in the CloudZero Explorer.
##1. Log into the AWS console

Go to

2. Select "Cost allocation tags" from the left-hand side menu

Cost Allocation Tags in AWS

3. Activate "AWS-Generated Cost Allocation Tags"

If you have not activated this feature yet, you can here.

4. Select new tags to be included in your bill

Select the tags most relevant to your company to be added.


Additional tags to consider

If these tags exist in your environment, they can be highly useful to understanding your spending and we'd suggest turning them on here.

  • Name
  • aws:createdby
  • aws:autoscaling:groupname
  • aws:cloudformation:logical-id
  • aws:cloudformation:stack-name
  • aws:ecs:clustername
  • aws:ecs:servicename
  • aws:elasticmapreduce:instance-group-role
  • aws:elasticmapreduce:job-flow-id
  • eks:cluster-name
  • eks:nodegroup-name