Reserved Instance (RI) and Savings Plan (SP) portfolio management set-up

Reserved Instance and Saving Plan Portfolio Management Integration

CloudZero selected ProsperOps as the best in breed to automate Reserved Instances (RI) and Saving Plan (SP) portfolio management.

Once connected to CloudZero you will be able to see you Effective Savings Rate (ESR). This rate is the ROI of cloud discount instruments and the single most important ROI metric when it comes to cloud pricing optimization.

Setup Process

Below the outline for account connection

  1. Let CloudZero Customer Success team know your interest in Reserved Instance or Savings Plans Optimizations. We will set up an account with ProsperOps.
  2. CloudZero will arrange for free saving analysis.
  3. Onboard with ProsperOps.

Account Creation

CloudZero Customer Success representative or sales-engineer to create the account with Prosper Ops.

Savings Analysis

Configure your Prosper Ops and AWS account to enable Prosper Ops to execute a savings analysis. This 10-minutes setup will benchmark your Effective Savings Rate vs. peers and forecast future savings with Prosper Ops. Overview can found here:

The CloudZero dashboard give visibility into the state of your platform

Onboard with ProsperOps

A ProsperOps and CloudZero will work with to set the configuration particular to your environment.