CloudZero automated optimizations are designed to help reduce your cloud spend using cloud provider discount instruments. e.g. Reserved Instances, Savings Plans and Spot.

CloudZero vetted many SaaS delivered optimization providers and partnered with the best of breed around Reserved Instances, Savings Plans, and Spot. These systems are driven by AI or algorithms that automate many of the buying decision freeing you to focus on your core value proposition.

With CloudZero, you can gain total visibility across all your integration together in a single pane of glass

Spot Optimizations

CloudZero has partnered with Xopshere.io to help save up to 80% on your EC2 costs.

Xosphere Instance Orchestrator is an intelligent orchestration engine that enables savings up to
80% on Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2) by optimizing the usage of Spot instances.
Instance Orchestrator makes using Spot instances incredibly easy and enables them to be
used in many more use cases. Even with applications that have high availability requirements,
Instance Orchestrator unlocks the savings potential of Spot instances in a turnkey fashion.
Instance Orchestrator is a cloud native application that installs into your Amazon Web Services
(AWS) account. Installation is performed using either a CloudFormation stack or a Terraform

Both stateless and stateful applications are supported by Instance Orchestrator. For stateless
applications, Instance Orchestrator integrates with native AWS Auto Scaling groups. For stateful
application, Instance Orchestrator uses collections of instances, called Xogroups, to manage the
optimization process.

Instance Orchestrator uses an opt-in design. Individual instances or Auto Scaling groups need to
be enabled in order for Instance Orchestrator to manage them. All configuration, including
enabling management, is performed via AWS tags. Tags can be applied using any method or tool
that is used within the organization to manage tags (for example, AWS Console, AWS CLI,
AWS APIs, infrastructure-as-code platforms such as CloudFormation or Terraform, cloud
management platforms, etc.).

Once the configuration tags have been applied, Instance Orchestrator will automatically perform
its management duties on an on-going basis.

CloudZero will onboard you with the Xoshpere product and provide dashboards to gain visibility across all your optimizations in a single pane of glass.

Reserved Instances and Savings Plan

CloudZero has partners with ProsperOps to automate the management RI and Saving Plans management.

Let CloudZero and ProsperOps programmatically optimize your AWS compute RIs and Savings Plans. Algorithms blend multiple discount instruments to maximize savings and minimize commitment term.

ProsperOps lives at the intersection of the DevOps and FinOps functions, where the fragmented management of RIs and SPs can create misalignment. ProsperOps aligns those functions by automatically keeping your commitment discount portfolio synchronized to your AWS compute estate. Engineering can now manipulate the compute environment at DevOps speed and Finance can focus on higher-value tasks beyond commit discount administration.

The ProsperOps easily assumes management of any existing arbitrage portfolio and converge your commitments to an opinionated portfolio that consistently generates industry-leading savings. Algorithms determine the ideal portfolio that maximizes savings and minimizes financial lock-in. You control the knobs that manage risk and govern our actions.