Spot Optimization Integration Set-up

Getting Started with Spot Optimizations

CloudZero Partner, Xosphere™ Instance Orchestrator™ intelligently manages AWS Spot instances giving your applications 100% reliability at a fraction of the cost. Learn More

Setup Process

  1. Let CloudZero Customer Success team know your interest in Spot Optimizations.
  2. Go to and create an account
  3. Following the Installation instruction in the [Xosphere user guide[(
  4. Watch as CloudZero and Xosphere make efficient innovation a reality for your cloud-driven organization

Integration Overview

CloudZero will make the introduction to Xosphere. Talk to your Account Executive or Customer Success to start the onboarding process.

Once the account is create, a setup wizard is launch to walk you through the installation.

Multiple AWS accounts can be combined into a single Xosphere account for billing and
reporting purposes. When completing this signup wizard, simply specify the AWS accounts that
will be managed by Instance Orchestrator. You can always update and modify the list of linked
AWS accounts by visiting the Xosphere Dashboard Settings.

After completing the signup wizard, Xosphere will generate a custom CloudFormation template
for the organization with the required Xosphere API key embedded in it. To deploy this
CloudFormation template please refer to the Installation with CloudFormation section.

Xosphere will provide the Launch Stack link for the custom CloudFormation template after the
signup wizard is completed. The Launch Stack link will also be emailed to the account owner.

The Launch Stack link can also be accessed at any time by visiting the Xosphere Dashboard.
Alternatively, Xosphere provides a Terraform module that can be used to install Instance

Review the Xosphere user guide on how to configure your environment. For stateless applications, Instance Orchestrator only executes on Auto Scaling groups that have explicitly been enabled. You can enable an Auto Scaling group by applying an AWS tag to the Auto Scaling group.

CloudZero configuration

With the solution configured by setting tags in your AWS environment, Please enable these tags as Cost & Allocation tags. View the Cost Allocation Tagging Configuration under the Getting Started section for more details and enable all the tags starting with ""

The last step is to inform your Customer Success team after a success installation and they will enable your Spot Integration Dashboard to track your savings.