Manual Account Connection

CloudZero supports a fully manual or custom provisioning process that can be facilitated using your infrastructure provisioning process of choice (Terraform, Shell Scripts, CLI, etc…). To begin the manual setup process, navigate through Settings to the Account Connection page. From there, select the Connect Cloud Accounts tab and select AWS as your cloud provider. Then, under Connect Your AWS Accounts select the Manual tab.

On the manual connection tab there are two different connection workflows based on the two available account policies to choose from. When manually configuring an account, CloudZero uses one of two policies depending on the type of account you are connecting. For the management account that contains your billing data, use the Payer (Management Account) policy. For a resource account where only resource activity and metadata is monitored, use the Member (Resource Account) policy.

Once you select your account policy you will be provided with a set of steps. As you follow these steps, make sure to note the following unique pieces of information you will need to gather while in the AWS console:

  • Cost & Usage Report Name
  • Cross-Account IAM Role ARN
  • Cost & Usage S3 Bucket Name (note: this is only needed for a Management Account policy)

Be sure to make note of the external ID which is listed under Create a cross-account AIM role in the manual connection steps. You will need this while configuring your policy in the AWS Console.

Once your policy is generated and applied to your S3 bucket, you may proceed to fill out the New Account Creation form utilizing the information you collected from the AWS console earlier.

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