Connecting to GCP

Connections are how CloudZero manages the various Cost Sources that bring Billing, Resource, and other types of data into the platform.


But First...

Every CloudZero customer must first connect an AWS Management/Payer Account to get started, so please confirm that you have followed the AWS Connection process before trying to add a GCP Connection.

How the GCP Connection Works

Connecting to a GCP account will show GCP cost data alongside other Cost Sources in the Explorer, as well as enable anomaly alerts on GCP spend.

The CloudZero platform will ingest GCP Cost data by using the GCP Cloud Billing Data Export to BigQuery feature. This export will enable the CloudZero platform to be able to get accurate cost information. Once the export is created, you will then need to grant a CloudZero service principal access to the data.

In the following steps, you will find instructions on how to create these exports and configure CloudZero's access to that cost data.


About CloudZero's Access to your GCP Accounts

All of CloudZero's permissions are Read-Only
We have no access to data except where explicitly authorized (for example, the data you explicitly share with CloudZero).

Summary of Permissions:

  • BigQuery Data Viewer: grants read access only, to allow loading data from Cloud Billing Export files stored in BigQuery

Connect a GCP Billing Account

Configure Cloud Billing Data Exports

The first step is to configure your Cloud Billing Data Exports in the Google Cloud console. You may already have completed these steps for other purposes, but please confirm the steps here match what you have previously set up:

Grant Access to CloudZero

Once your billing exports have been set up to feed into BigQuery, you will need to grant a CloudZero service principal the necessary access.

When following these steps, CloudZero will have sent you a Service Principal value that looks like an email address and which contains a unique service principal name that you will replace below where you see <cz-service-principal>:

  1. Log into the GCP Console
  2. Select the Project which holds your billing account data and go to BigQuery
  3. Find the billing data export table. It should look like: gcp_billing_export_resource_v1_<billing_account_id>
    GCP Cloud ConsoleGCP Cloud Console
  4. Select that table and click [+SHARE]:
    GCP Cloud ConsoleGCP Cloud Console
  5. Click [+ ADD PRINCIPAL]:
    GCP Cloud ConsoleGCP Cloud Console
  6. Add the service account and role, then click [SAVE]
    • Service Account: <cz-service-principal>
    • Role: BigQuery Data Viewer
      GCP Cloud ConsoleGCP Cloud Console

Send Information to CloudZero

From the above steps, send the following informationt to CloudZero:

  • Fully Qualified Table Name: This is the billing data table that was just shared in the previous step. It should include the project, dataset, and table name.
    • For example: billing-administration-341920.all_billing_data.gcp_billing_export_resource_v1_01403A_796D57_F2D8D8
    • In that example:
      • Project ID: billing-administration-341920
      • Dataset: all_billing_data
      • Table name: gcp_billing_export_resource_v1_01403A_796D57_F2D8D8
    • This can be copied easily from the table details, listed next to the Table ID:
      GCP Cloud ConsoleGCP Cloud Console

CloudZero will use this information to create a Billing Connection for your GCP account.

Connecting Other Cost Sources

Additionally, you may want CloudZero to help with your other AWS, Snowflake, or Azure costs, or the custom costs you can bring in using an AnyCost Adaptor.

Start by learning about CloudZero Connections, or choosing a Cost Source from the What's Next section below: