Endpoints that support returning lots of data, usually but not always GETing a List of Resources, may support sorting.

If the endpoint supports sorting, it will return a ”sorting” root key in the response:

"sorting": {
  "available": <list of sortable properties>,
  "current": <list of objects describing current sorting>,
  "ordering": <list of available sort orders, usually just "asc" and "desc">

This should be present in every response from sortable APIs, even if the user has not asked for sorting. For example, if I list all insights via GET https://api.cloudzero.com/v2/insights, I should see a response like:

"insights": [...],
"sorting": {
  "available": ["category", "cost_impact", "effort", "last_updated", "status", "title"],
  "current": [
      "sort_key": "status",
      "sort_order": "asc"
  "ordering": ["asc", "desc"],

A client controls the sorting of items via the sort_key and sort_order parameters:

GET https://api.cloudzero.com/v2/insights?sort_key=last_updated&sort_order=asc