This API will return cost data according to the parameters passed in.

  • Rate Limit: 60 requests/day.
  • Timeout: 30 seconds.
  • Pagination: Results are paginated in blocks of 10,000 records.
    • Using cursors for pagination doesn't affect the rate limit.
    • You have 24 hours to page through your results before you will need to rerun your query.
    • While using pagination, your results will be static as of run time.
  • This data is statically sorted as usage_date asc.

NOTE: The Dimension IDs referenced within this document are the IDs by which you reference dimensions when authoring in CostFormation. You can read more about this here.

API Call Examples
For the following examples, the following updates need to be made before running:

  • Replace <START_DATE_HERE> with a properly formatted start date (2023-10-26 or (date and time encoded) 2023-10-26T14%3A27%3A46%2B00%3A00)
  • Replace <GRANULARITY_VALUE_HERE> with the desired granularity (hourly, daily, weekly, monthly, yearly)

Real Cost Grouped by Account and Service, Filtered by Cloud Provider = AWS


Real Cost Grouped by Account and Service Detail Dimension, Filtered by Service = AmazonS3


Real Cost Grouped by by Account Name and Service

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